My Little Black Book…of Inspiration!

Keeping a diary of people, places, and things that I have worked with in the past is invaluable. Being able to apply tools and lessons learned from one client and passing them along to current clients can help make a deal.

Case in point:

I currently have a listing at 45 Sutton Place South. A one bedroom unit approximately  1100 square feet, and the client has a desire to create a sleeping nook for when out of town family and friends come to visit.

Problem? There are a limited number of windows in the apartment, and the big, beautiful picture window overlooking the East River in the living room cannot be divided to create a 2nd bedroom. Where do we get the 2nd bedroom space from?


Solution? We look at the interior space! With so much space available, we can easily create a spacious and stylish sleeping area. With a custom-designed Murphy bed that blends in with the decor, and surrounded by tinted, sliding glass doors, not only does this give the “guest room” privacy and a sense of separation when needed, but also lets the client keep the space open when it’s not being used. What a great way to maintain your elegant lifestyle both with and without guests visiting!


What’s the inspiration? Thinking back to a 650 square foot studio apartment that I sold last year, I remembered how the seller created what felt like a 5 room apartment, with separate spaces for living, dining, a baker’s kitchen, home office and even a music studio (complete with keyboard)! Sometimes it’s just a matter of looking for ideas that resonate with you from a previous listing.


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