Spring Awakening

Spring is upon us — even though the weather might not have caught up yet. Some of the same tricks I use for staging a new listing can add a feeling of freshness to your home.

  1. Spice up your bedroom by changing with new linens, new colors etc. Softer shades and thinner fabrics will give your private oasis a springtime feel and another reason to come home and relax
  2. Flavor your home with a new scent — Spring is a great time for citrus, peach or cherry and moving away from heavy scents like cinnamon or vanilla. In fact, you can even check out Cherry Blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden or Central Park.
  3. Living room: new pillows–lighter hues of springtime. Change to valences on your window. Take off the filter, tie back the curtains and embrace the sunshine and light up the room — invite the outdoors to come in
  4. Roll up the carpets on the floor and leave the floor bare – let your feet feel the cool floor. Or get a small white shag rug instead of a heavy, darker Winter rug
  5. Put away the heavy holiday dishes and slow cooker, and take out some glass dishes to show those spring ingredients. Set some flowery or light colored placemats on the table, maybe in an open weave fabric to let the air and light circulate. After all, isn’t spring all about all the extra daylight and letting the light into our lives.

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