Don’t Get Eclipsed!

Long before yellow cab maps neglected streets above 96th street, and before many buildings in northern Manhattan were even built, a cadre of New Yorkers lined Riverside Drive rooftops and yards in 1925 to follow the sun–and moon. And they succeeded in their efforts!

It was cold, and snow was everywhere. But it was a Saturday afternoon, and they were dressed for the occasion. Back to back in teams from 72nd to 135th. Gear in hands and on eyes. Pencils ready.

Below 96th? That one lacked totality.  Above? Then you got the whole shebang.

These measurements were, and still are, incredibly important to us. Their improved our understanding of the celestial bodies we rely on everyday. They helped us eventually walk on the moon. And it was a team effort.

On Monday at 2:40 take a moment.

Step outside. Keep your phone in your bag, and set it to Do Not Disturb (that’s the purple moon icon).

If someone gives you glasses cross reference the manufacturer and ISO number with this list of approved manufactures:

Ultimately all one is dealing with here is light, which is why the pinhole method [click here] remains the easiest/safest/cheapest way to directly view the eclipse. Enjoy!



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