Personal Dream Home: Part II — Design and Demolition

Continuing on in my journey for my personal Manhattan dream home, we finally closed on our new apartment over the July 4th weekend. Fortunately, the seller had to deliver the apartment in “broom clean” condition, which was no easy feat considering the previous occupant was a lovely woman who also just happened to be a hoarder.

Now that we have a blank slate, we are ready to create our dream home. The last several weeks have been a nonstop shopping spree; we have searched the web and explored various home decor and home improvement stores across the city–literally–in my quest to keep a reasonable budget while not skimping on quality and design.

  1. Cut to us eating brick oven pizza at the fabulous Pirch showroom in Soho, where you can make an appointment to test various shower heads or even taste delicious dishes made in their test kitchen using appliances on sale.
  2. After an afternoon at the super deluxe kitchen and bath emporium Pirch, where they taught me the advantages of a convection oven, I then returned to my roots in Brooklyn. We made friends with Alex, at the aptly named Disco Bath,  Reggie at Express Tiles and Jason at KF Kitchens.
  1. Jason sent us  over the Verrazano Bridge where I explored granite with Margaret at National Granite underneath the Bayonne Bridge, who source their stone from stone quarries around the world. They say that the slab that’s meant for you calls you, and that’s what happened to us–we found the granite meant for us!

Demolition has begun, and first deliveries are on their way! Take a look.

Part III: Rebuilding and Renovating to come! Stay tuned…

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