All the World’s a Stage

You may have heard the saying that we eat with our eyes first! This also holds true for real estate. There’s no substitute for a first impression. Buyers should instantly be able to picture this space as their home. When done well, an investment in home staging often leads to quicker sales, bidding wars and staggering profits.

On her blog, Julie Schuster Design Studio, Julie sums up the added value of home staging perfectly:

When people decide on a house, their initial emotions can be based on a reaction to the furniture arrangement. They should feel immediately comfortable when they first walk into a house on the market, and the proper staging of rooms can give the entire space that final edge needed to make the sale.

There is nothing more powerful than a buyer’s emotional response when they first walk through the door. When someone enters a properly staged home, it sells itself.

The principles of proper staging vary depending on the size and price of the property in question. If you want specific guidance for maximizing the sale price of your apartment, contact me or call me at 917-992-5350 for a free consultation.

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