Welcome to Manhattan Dream Homes

Hello Real Estate Readers,

It’s not easy being a broker in New York City. Even more, it’s not easy being a buyer in a city like Manhattan, where it’s often like the Wild West when it comes to the real estate market. I’ve decided to start this blog, and share important lessons learned over my 25 years as a broker. So follow along on the adventures of NYC “Apartment Hunt.”

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One thought on “Welcome to Manhattan Dream Homes

  1. Informative, helpful and terribly charming as only a pro like Lorna would have it. What a great resource for all new and even experienced buyers to turn to for tips and suggestions for bringing their “grand plans” to fruition without it costing an arm and a leg- (you’re going to need those for that new kitchen your planning!) Kudos to Lorna for offering her experience and insights to ambitious home hunters and owners alike!


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